So how did it change me

It’s simple, because I didnt see myself as a person I looked at everything with and unbiased eye. I saw the world for what it was down to the very core. Of course I could see all the pain and agony so many was in but what was the cause of that agony. Why were so many people hurting when they didnt need to hurt. A couple things come to mind of course, one is labels. Labels are how everyone defines each other but labels are not who we are. Do I have my problems yes and I’m sure some can guess my problems but I dont want to talk about those I only want to talk of how I felt. For every person that was labeled it would more clearly define all others under that label. Majority of people with this have this common trait therefore this trait is needed to diagnose said label. That is fundamentally wrong!

We are a evolving species that is constantly in flux. Our conscious mind literally alters our role based upon how we see ourselves. Which inevitably is what is causing the agony so many experience. The labels only become more defined and set in stone while we as a species are changing. Woman in a attempt to gain power are taking over the roles of men. Woman are not being woman. Men on the other hand are taking over more roles as woman, men are becoming more feminine. Which is fine and dandy except for the labels havent changed, how can a man be feminine and keep is masculinity, and vice versa. Therefore it’s being expressed sexually which is so so so wrong. Sex creates a bond that literally gives access to inner parts of the mind to the other person. So when you go and experiment and the other person doesnt care for you and treats you badly there changing parts of you that you are not even aware of which is why the need to fulfill that void only grows. You end up wanting more and doing different things as you get lost in anxiety. The anxiety litterly drives you but it’s your choice to make the hard decision and so no to the anxiety. You have to choose to go back to being who you are and who your ment to be. The crazy thing about this is I think every person has both masculine and feminine inside them. That sometimes trauma cuts off one or the other for whatever reason and then labels applied to us when were young keeps us from exploring and embracing both sides of ourselves. We couldnt become the other if it wasnt already innately inside of us. You can be emotional and strong, you can appear strong but be weak. This very power dynamic is the essence of a relationship imo. A back and forth exchange of powers that helps the other person grow in areas they are weak confidently and teaches us to be weak in areas we are strong. I think this exchange of powers between you and the one you love is what causes us to be strong well rounded individuals that can truly show our children what it means to raise each other up and to love ourselves as humans.

Second point is that wether we like it our bot a woman is a woman and a man is a man. Our animal brains are wired differently to need different things for survival. Woman are just going around showing they can do everything a man can do while not realizing its throwing them into a disarray of anxiety and numbness. They in turn keep trying to feel and many have come to terms with pain as a sense of feeling. Think about it in an attempt to show your power your asking to be punished. Really think about that? In what world is pain ever something to be desired. Men on the other hand are learning, oh well degrading and using woman is what they want, it’s what there asking for. Due to not knowing any better and succumbing to society pressures to be a man they are doing what they think makes them a man. Just as woman acting like men is causing them to go numb and want pain, men not being men and protecting woman from themselves like they should is causing men to lose there sense of manhood they become passive and less assertive as deep down they have become the predator woman need protection from. It causes a disconnect somewhere deep inside making men feel the need to prove something, causing them just as woman do, to fall into anxiety and get stuck trying to provide and lead and display there masculinity. Unfortunately true masculinity is learning to take the back seat, to empower the woman with understanding and the confidence that they always have support. Masculinity is not leading, masculinity is creating leaders. Feminine are the leaders they have superb intuition to make smart quick and effective choices. This requires trust and respect though. Woman need to respect that a man can understand things more effectively then they can, a man’s instincts can pick up and say something here isnt right we need to go. And men should trust woman enough to accept there answers and not need the woman to explain themselves. Intuition is a process that takes place behind the scenes. You may not understand how you came to that answer but you need to trust your correct. The man needs to respect the woman enough to understand on his own time and not to take power away from the leader/woman unless its abouslutly required. If he decides her answer is wrong he should observe and teach her why it’s wrong so that she feels empowered and not belittled so that she can make strong confident choices in the future and know that no matter what happens even if she makes a mistake her man will protect the family and do what’s needed even if that means raising her up higher.

Being a provider doesn’t mean monetary gains the way it used to be. We arnt surviving any more, men dont need to hunt and fight, there is no gathering or need for woman to make clothes or tan hides. In a modern society the woman are ment to run the businesses as they did the families. Men are now ment to be the teachers and trainers and researchers. The role of the provider has changed from food, clothes, and protection and now means knowledge, guidance, support. The womans roles of organizers, gatherers, decision makers now is more aligned with money, reputation, and stability. At least this is how I see things.





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