I’m sorry but kinks are nothing more the internal problems from childhood coming out in a way that causes pleasure as way to self validate the way we was treated as a kid. Kinks are not healthy for most people to continually partake in. Your literally causing the same type of trauma to your inner child that was forced upon you in some way form or fashion and being rewarded for it. Why is it that you think most people with these kinks suffer from such high anxiety? It’s not rocket science if you use a little self control and stop trying to fuck all the time. Were literally becoming a species of unintelligent beings souly driven by pleasure and fear. I’m not saying that two loving individuals cant spice things up and try out some role play and fantasy or role reversals. Please do. What I’m saying is this constant meet up with people you dont know and letting strangers have access to the most vulnerable parts of your being as some attempt to balance out the feelings from childhood is twisted and wrong. Listen up if you find someone you love and yall truly love each other exploring kinks and different ways to do things is going to be one of the things that makes the relationship strong and exciting. Dont waste all the mystery and excitement on random ass people who dont care about you just so you can find a lover and be boring. When it’s real love your partner will want to explore things with you. Love should have no fears or secrets and if your inna relationship and you feel as if you cant say what you want or if you partner isnt ok doing the things you wanna do then something needs to change. People who become secure with each other should be willing to put ther ego aside and explore all life has to offer with each other not just sexually but mentally as well. That’s what growing is.





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