What makes you special.

Finding what makes us special can be really hard. In a world where everyone feels lost and is desperate to stand out actually seeing what sets you apart from others can be hard to do. It may be something everyone else is already doing, or it may be something you dont even see as being special. One thing I can tell you though is it wont be what people tell you it is, and it wont be what people like you for. It’s going to be something very personal to you. It very well may be the thing you hate most about yourself. Some of the most inspirational and unique things about people grow in the areas of themselves that go unnoticed, the crevices inside the mind that people have hidden all of there best qualities to keep them safe while they venture out into the world and learn, that what they think is unique and pushing the limits is really just another form of following the crowd. Of course that’s ok and we cant learn what’s special about us untill we learn what isnt. Because as we grow up we have allot of ideas and things programmed into us that we have no way of knowing what’s really us and what’s not us. So you have to grow and experience things, you have to go after what you think you want, you have to try doing what you think makes you special. Sometimes you even need to feel included while you do this, so join as many groups change who you are be whoever you want. Just dont get lost in the adventure of trying to be special that you lose sight of what really makes you the amazing person you are. Once you find it, find a way to make it into something that inspires others to be themselves.





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