My emotions

The way I control my emotions is actually pretty simple. I find a rational and logical reasoning as to why I am having them. That helps me get rid of the ones I cant explain. The others I even out. The best way to stabilize my emotions is to counteract them. I do most of this through imagination though. When I get angry externally I makeup a scenario in which the anger is acceptable and there for offset it with compassion. When I’m sad I look for a way to be happy about the sadness. Such as I may have got sad about someone dieing but I’ll find reasons as to why it was better for them to die then to keep on living. The only way to really do this though is to be unbiased and look at things as they are. Rationalizing my emotions has worked the best to stabilize them but they still need to come out so when I want to cry I cry and cry and cry and dont worry to much about why I’m crying. It’s not about the why it’s about the release. The release is important more then you imagine. I pool up emotions by realizing which feeling goes to which emotion then I put them all there and release them all together. Its sounds weird but these are the ways I stabilize all my emotions and I’ve had to do for awhile now.





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