Drops In The Ocean

We’re all just seeking to understand that which we already know.

  • What I want to do
    I guess if I had a passion it would be empowering woman, I grew up in a home of broken woman, being what was needed for them, I hated how the world had mad them lose trust in themselves, and seem to ignore what they really needed, but as a child I was helpless and I hated that feeling, to understand, to […]
  • No rules
    I get caught up on the right and wrong way to do things quite often and I forget there is no rules when it comes to expressing yourself and what you think. It must be from where I’m used to catering everything about me to those around me. When it comes to communicating and connecting with others there is most definitely a […]
  • Racism and all that stuff.
    So I find it intresting that autistic people naturally recognize other autistic people. Something about the brain sees itself in another person and guards are easily lowered and anxiety calmed. What if there’s something to take from this. What if things like racial biased and racism stem from this. They do studies that show white people are more compassionate to other white […]
  • I find it fascinating.
    I like to listen and compare stories I hear and things people say to try and understand how people work. What I find fascinating is how we use sex to act out tramua and be rewarded for it. All i can really think is that because sex is about survival evolutionaryspeaking lol, its the brains attempt to fulfill some type of invisible […]
  • We are all the same.
    I think this is true done to the very core. Honestly i just believe its the human ego thats wants to believe we are different. Why do I think this is true? Think about it for a moment what makes you different from everyone else? Your abilities, your skills, your knowledge? All these things have been cultivated since the day you was […]
  • Family trauma.
    I think one of the biggest things to over come is family trauma. Make no mistake every family passes on some kind of trauma to there kid in varying degrees. When its on the lower end of the scale its easy to heal and forgive your parents/family and usually goes unnoticed. Then there’s the higher end of the scale thats the one […]
  • Fighting for what?
    So many people are fighting for things to change. But what are they really fighting for? What are you trying to change? Sure they want justice and equality but I’m sorry we are not made equal. Sure we all have emotions and feelings and a body but that’s about all that’s equal about us. How those emotions react and how we interpret […]
  • What Is Love
    What does it mean to really love? I know how most of us love which is based off of attraction and honestly this form of love is definitely not the one you want to be apart of. So, if we put attraction aside and take love for what it is what do we have? To me love is a codex of all […]
  • Autism, my theory.
    What is autism and where does it come from? I don’t pretend to be an expert or to know more then anybody else so this is just a theory. I like to pay attention and honestly its hard for me to stay focused enough on something for very long so I tend to do my best to use everything I do learn […]
  • Love and hate
    Honestly I hate it, I dont like all the hate and the pain. It sucks to see a country give into anger and use it as a tool to initiate change. I know what happened was wrong I’m not arguing that. What I mean is that I feel like there should be a way to do all this with love. I mean […]
  • Concept of ego and self?
    What is it that drives our egos? honestly it can be allot of things but i think a big part of it is our instinct to survive. trapped in the mind looking for experiance, always misunderstood searching for understanding. Survivel now doesnt mean staying alive its turned into what we need to feel alive. feelings have never been so complex and hard […]
  • Words matter.
    So heres the thing from my experience I enjoy making music to calm my anxeity, it helps me out but it also let’s me express emotion and release them. Now if this is a way for me to express wouldnt listening be a way to digest? Which means the words in the music you listen to matter just as much as the […]
  • emotions are real, but are feelings.
    So here’s the thing I know emotion is real and its the energy constantly flowing through us all. It’s something we all share even if the emotion is flowing at different frequencies its still energy. Feelings on the other hand are not real, there perceptions of the emotional changes in our body, which means there is know way to treat them from […]
  • just a theory on woman and sex
    Ok so first this is just an opinion of mine based off of all the people I’ve spoken to and helped over the years. Heres the thing woman are fundamentally different then men. our animal brains serve different purposes. The goal of a womans brain was to find a strong and stable protector that would defend the home giving the baby and […]
  • I dislike this belief.
    So I see allot of people get stuck on dont take things personal that the other person is fighting thier own battles. While I partially believe in this the concept behind it is wrong to me. When people whole heartedly believe in this they will ignore themselves. Yes when someone gets angry at you gets emotional allot of times it’s not personal […]
  • What sucks about people.
    What sucks about people is how fragile they really are. We can get hurt and stick around because of love and after long enough that abuse is installed into us as normal. We start to seek it out and think that abuse is what we what. We get angry with ourselves, we hate ourselves and we ultimately get so lost from who […]
  • Why the 3?
    3 is an important number I believe, to me it has allot of meaning. By using three you can understand allot about the world and yourself. Such as who you are, I believe theres three parts to everyone’s self. Theres the you you think you are and the you that others think you are but there is also who you actually are. […]
  • What’s beautiful?
    What is so beautiful about humans? What is beauty its self? I think beauty is emotion, raw emotion. Emotion is the energy we put off and what we feel. In that since you can understand why the world is so beautiful, why nature is so amazing. Because nature is raw emotion it’s nothing more then what it is. I think that’s why […]
  • Kinks.
    I’m sorry but kinks are nothing more the internal problems from childhood coming out in a way that causes pleasure as way to self validate the way we was treated as a kid. Kinks are not healthy for most people to continually partake in. Your literally causing the same type of trauma to your inner child that was forced upon you in […]
  • Sexuality?
    My goal here is to be completely honest. In my honest opinion there is either straight or gay. You are attracted chemically to a man or woman and most know it innate from the time there young. All these other labels people have pushed to express individuality to me is ridiculous, people just dont know who they are and want more choices […]
  • So how did it change me
    It’s simple, because I didnt see myself as a person I looked at everything with and unbiased eye. I saw the world for what it was down to the very core. Of course I could see all the pain and agony so many was in but what was the cause of that agony. Why were so many people hurting when they didnt […]
  • It sucks.
    When you grow up in a family who didnt care for you. Who used you as a scapegoat. Who never payed attention and where you wasnt allowed to be better then them or know better then they did. You dont learn a single thing other then do what’s best for them. When you feelings are dismissed and your wants decided for you […]
  • Life isnt easy, I make it look that way.
    What noone sees is the extremes I go to just to make everything look normal. I cant even hold up the appearance for more then 6 months or so before it all comes crashing down. Then I make up some excuse as to why everything happened the way it did and start all over. I dont understand allot of what I’m doing, […]
  • My emotions
    The way I control my emotions is actually pretty simple. I find a rational and logical reasoning as to why I am having them. That helps me get rid of the ones I cant explain. The others I even out. The best way to stabilize my emotions is to counteract them. I do most of this through imagination though. When I get […]
  • What makes you special.
    Finding what makes us special can be really hard. In a world where everyone feels lost and is desperate to stand out actually seeing what sets you apart from others can be hard to do. It may be something everyone else is already doing, or it may be something you dont even see as being special. One thing I can tell you […]
  • What really sucks
    What sucks more then anything is that a long long time ago I let people make me feel like who I am is wrong. I know that I’m a good person and I know I would never hurt anyone. Yet a long time ago when I was growing up and learning who I was, i had a family that made me feel […]
  • Fitting in
    I never really felt like I fit in anywhere. I never really liked big groups of people or loud places so I didn’t really care for parties or anything like that. Dont get me wrong I wanted to go to them and I would if i had the chance. I only wanted to and did go though because I thought this is […]
  • Dont be so hard on yourself
    I went to grab a bite to eat today and I was talking to my grandmother she’s started watching stranger things and she is enjoying it. Then she said “I really need to get up and wash some dishes or do something” immediately I asked her why? You have to understand she has had it rough for awhile. My cousin that lived […]
  1. Awesome post! Your story resonates greatly! I know people who are on the spectrum and they’ve had others accuse them…


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